Smart Techniques

Smart Techniques


Torn or worn leather? We can fix it

Invisible repairs.

Damaged leather due to wear and tear or an unlucky accident can be repaired to an "as new" finish using a state of the art Italian repair system.

Full recolouring.

We also offer the same quality of repairs on all plastic interior trim, including dashboards, door handles, door trim and anything else plastic. Holes, scratches wear and tear can all be repaired.

Damage to cloth seats, for example cigarette burns or holes can be made to disappear.

This is very common wear on a leather bolster.

And after we have repaired it.

Another example of a worn seat.

And after treatment.

Below are some old TVR seats that had seen years of neglect, brought back to life with a complete colour change.

Below are the same kind of seats as above. This customer wanted to add a bit of colour.

Full colour change of interior.

Now looking much more modern.