Repairs to all minor damage

With over 12 years painting experience, we can repair all scrapes, scratches, dents and scuffs to a very high standard of finish at a reasonable price. Using a top of the range paint system and quality products, combined with skills developed over the years, we can repair without always having to paint the entire panel. We also aim to start and finish most jobs all in the same day, for the convenience of our customers.

See below for some examples of the type of work we take on.

Bumper scuffs

Panel scratches

Bumper cracks

Stone chips


Plastic textured bumpers

Mirror casings

Please call 07761545670 for a quote.

This VW had a cracked wing and other damaged paintwork.
After being repaired.

This Porsche had some minor rust on the wing.

The rust spots were rubbed down, then the wing was prepped and painted.


This BMW had some light scratches to the front bumper, and some more substantial damage to the rear door and quarter panel.


Below are the pictures taken after we had repaired it.

Some nasty chips on the side of a bonnet.

Easily repaired, all within a day.

This beautiful Morgan had picked up a few nasty stone chips.
They are only minor but ruin the look of this classic car.
Back to show condition.
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